GetFix Fleet

Save time and money while managing your fleet

Focus on your business

We will take care of trouble-free operation and reduce the costs of your vehicle fleet. We will prepare a tailor-made solution with services that will be interesting for you and it will be up to you what form of cooperation you choose.

Your fleet is managed by experts

We are a company specializing in fleet management. We provide a complete portfolio of fleet services to meet your mobility requirements. Our goal is to make fleet management safer, more efficient and smarter. Thanks to modern technologies and many years of experience.

Time is money

We are specialists with many years of experience in financing, purchasing and fleet management. We have our own network of unauthorized and authorized partner services, car body shops and paint shops. We know how much it costs and we will always find the fastest and most advantageous solution while maintaining or improving the quality of services.


How can you save money on managing your fleet?

Free first meeting
Finding out the current state of the vehicle fleet

We will introduce you to the possibilities of cooperation and find out your requirements.

Second free meeting
Presentation of the proposal

We will present a proposal for a savings solution according to your requirements and set up the individual steps for the next step.

Initiation of cooperation
GetFix consultant

We will provide suitable suppliers and prepare inquiries, or we will implement a tender and set a Car Policy.

Fleet management
Vehicle management and driver monitoring

We will continuously handle administration and communication with suppliers while maintaining the set prices and quality.

Cost reduction up to 30%
Effective savings

We can reduce your costs by purchasing, operating, servicing and insuring your fleet by up to 30%.

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We will be happy to help you

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GetFix fleet

Effective management of your fleet - administrator or consultant

Based on free consultations with our experts, you will decide for yourself which form of cooperation is most advantageous for you. We will be happy to meet you and get to know your needs and current situation. Do not hesitate to contact us.

GetFix offers a complete portfolio of fleet management services that ensure that your fleet operates as cost-effectively as possible.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a transparent and reliable solution that is completely tailored to your business. We have all the resources and expertise needed to effectively manage your fleet. We provide fleet management on the basis of long-term cooperation or one-time consultations. A highly requested service is assistance with the setting up, implementation and evaluation of tenders. We will advise on setting up internal vehicle purchasing, service, insurance and fleet financing. We will deal with all events and situations with your drivers, we will ensure communication with insurance companies and leasing companies. We will negotiate the best conditions with the suppliers of these services. We specialize not only in operational leasing, but also in everything related to your company fleet.

The price of our services is always set individually according to the size of the fleet and the composition of the services used. It can be a one-time payment for a professional consultation or a selection procedure, or a monthly fee for our regular services. The basic monthly price for fleet management is CZK 150 / vehicle. In practice, the price of our services is usually richly offset by savings in the management and operation of your fleet.


Fleet audit

Vehicle fleet under the microscope

We will carry out a thorough review of all costs and practices associated with the ownership and use of vehicles. Talk to our fleet management experts. Contact us today and get a non-binding consultation.

Fleet audit

Our fleet audit service includes a thorough review of the following areas:

  • equipment and vehicle prices
  • mileage
  • manufacturer and model selection
  • agreed C02 limits
  • length of supply contracts
  • TCO
  • service and maintenance contracts
  • strengths and weaknesses of suppliers

Once the audit is complete, we will provide you with useful information, suggestions for reducing costs and improving the performance of your fleet.

Other possible services:

  • help with Green CO2 policy
  • assistance with the introduction of vehicles for alternative propulsion, incl. construction of charging stations
  • proposal for a new Fleet policy

Fleet management

We provide a range of fleet management services

We will take care of everything. From purchasing management, service, financing, insurance claims to a fully outsourced fleet. Contact us and choose your tailor-made service.

Comprehensive fleet management services

  • acquisition, renewal and sale of vehicles
  • vehicle financing and vehicle insurance
  • settlement of insurance claims
  • vehicle and driver administration
  • vehicle allocation
  • spare vehicles
  • driver training
  • vehicle service
  • regular evaluation of the eligibility of costs
  • proposals for savings and remedial measures


We will perform an analysis of existing purchasing conditions in your company, including comprehensive preparation of the tender and purchasing strategy

We have extensive experience with tenders, which is why we evaluate and consult the contractual conditions on the basis of Best Practice.


Comprehensive fleet management services

  • analysis of current purchasing conditions
  • comprehensive preparation of tenders and purchasing strategies
  • demand / tender / e-auction
  • evaluation, consultation of contractual conditions
  • realization

Vehicle financing

The cheapest solutions, they are usually the most expensive - you optimize with us

We will set everything up so that we compare comparable and compete with a financially interesting and yet very high-quality offer.

The cheapest solutions, they are usually the most expensive - you optimize with us

  • analysis of the current situation
  • an overview of funding options
  • selection of the most suitable financing variant
  • detailed settings of the leasing product
  • inquiry
  • multi - round tenders
  • e-auction
  • realization incl. debugging of contractual documentation
  • assistance with vehicle financing for the client's employees

We will take care of the smooth implementation of the competed conditions - the winner is our client.


GPS monitoring
and logbook

We will show you the advantages of our solution - GetFix

We provide GPS monitoring and a logbook with regard to the overall cost optimization of your fleet. We implement solutions based on best practices and knowledge of your business specifics.

GPS monitoring and logbook

  • cost reduction up to 30%
  • constant overview of vehicle movement
  • reduction of mileage
  • increase driver efficiency
  • reduction of administrative burden
  • premium savings
  • integration with existing systems